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Based -- Mirco Crystallized Glass 

As we all known that natural mineral resources are always limited, and the destruction of the natural ecological environment and the discarded slag in the mining process also pollute the human living environment. 


It is particularly important to replace or make up for the defects and deficiencies of natural stone with artificial stone. Following the Quartz stone and Terrazzo from Italy, Spain and Israel, a large number of artificial stone manufacturers have emerged in China in the 1990s.


We started in 2001.


Fashionastone Company makes full use of natural stone tailings and chemical materials in industrial waste as raw materials. After more than high-temperature calcination, it forms a pollution-free, environmentally-friendly decorative material-Micro Crystal Glass Slab marble covering the inner and outer surfaces of the building.


We use imported and improved production equipment from abroad to reproduce the crystallization principle of natural marble and granite during the volcanic eruption at a high temperature of over 1100℃ and maintain a certain firing and annealing time, forming the first generation of Crystals Glass stone in China.


Many of their properties such as water absorption, abrasion resistance, compressive and bending strength, as well as acid and alkali resistance and fire resistance performance surpass similar natural marble and granite, and never fade.


There are many colors to choose and customize, the maximum size is 3200 x1600 mm, and the thickness range is from 12 mm to 50 mm.


Especially suitable for large-area exterior wall covering.





Expend--Micro Crystal Porcelain Tile

This is a standardized product that combines glass-ceramics and ceramics. It is designed to enable materials to enter the construction quickly and more conveniently for paving.


We attach the microcrystalline raw materials to the surface of the custom-made ceramic tile body. The high temperature of 1250 ℃ is enough to ensure that the surface is completely crystallized and the two layers are integrated. Even if the entire tile is broken, the surface will not fall off.


Compared with the whole body microcrystalline tiles, the composite microcrystalline bricks have higher hardness, better wear resistance, smaller specific gravity, and more affordable cost and price. It can be applied to indoor and outdoor wall coverings, and floor paving with low traffic and good clean conditions.


Standardized size and thickness are both advantages and disadvantages, and the size design beyond the range completely fails to meet the cutting requirements of MG board.

Tile size and thickness:


600 x 600 x 11.8 mm & 13.5 mm

800 x 800 x  12.3 mm & 14.5 mm

600 x 1200 x 14.5 mm





Upgraded--Nano Crystallized Glass 

Market demand is always changing and improving. The first-generation materials have defects such as small holes on the side and surface non-wear resistance. Chinese manufacturers have improved technical formulas and upgraded production equipment.


Nano GlassMarble was successfully introduced to the market in 2006. This is by far the most perfect artificial stone in China. Its physical and chemical properties are incomparable to ceramics, resin plates and quartz stone. The minute structure of the material has reached the nanometer level, and the hardness and wear resistance also exceed the first-generation Micro Crystal Glass.


Nano Glass has the outstanding feature of no pores, which is completely suitable for commercial and residential laboratories, desks, kitchens, bathrooms and various countertops. The overall performance is superior to materials such as quartz stone, acrylic and ordinary glass.


Natural stone is irreplaceable because of its rich color and classic texture that penetrates the whole body.

With regard to the current production process and equipment conditions of glass-ceramics, we cannot achieve the overall penetration of textures and patterns, because the product is a liquid fluid process in the production process.


At present, the production process and equipment conditions of Crystallized Glass, we can not achieve the overall penetration of lines and patterns, because the product in the production process is a liquid fluid process.


But we can achieve the pattern effect on the surface of the plate. by introducing 3 D inkjet printing technology and advanced equipment in italy, we successfully launched Nano-Patterned Glass in 2019, which has limited changed the defects of the product in pattern color.



Innovative--Recycled Crystal Glass 



The designer's imagination may be unlimited, but it will ultimately serve humanity, including material and spiritual. In order to meet the various needs of human beings, the outer skin of buildings is also diverse. In addition to natural gemstones and U-shaped glass, the choice of translucent materials for exterior walls is very limited.


Adhering to the business philosophy of waste utilization and environmental protection, we have improved the technical principle of glass ceramics, using 100% recycled glass, recrystallized at high temperatures, and formed a translucent special glass -- Recycled Glass Panel. It does not contain any resin or pigment ingredients and is an absolute inorganic environmental protection material.


When the taillight glows, it shows the brilliance of crystal jade. It is an excellent substitute for natural agate and semi-precious stones. This is a major innovation in the field of architecture and design, especially the glass industry.


China has a rich source of raw materials, which is conducive to the long-term stability and color diversity of our products. At present, our conventional products are divided into two colors, one color and two colors, a total of twelve colors. For the application of a large number of special design projects, our R&D team can accept other colors customized according to the designer's requirements.


The main application of Fashiona Recycled Glass is exterior curtain walls that require translucent effects. Of course, it also includes any other outdoor applications and interior design. The slab size is 300 x 140 cm, which can meet the requirements of most countertope in the world with two thicknesses of 2 cm and 3 cm.


As of today, our Snowflake Glass Panel is the only product in the world that can be industrialized and mass-produced. The design is novel and unique, with a strong sense of art. It is the favorite of all architects and designers.






Quartz Surface-- Kitchens and Bathrooms


From solid crystal glass to translucent recycled glass, although it is functionally suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications, it cannot obtain the exquisite and classic natural patterns and visual effects of natural stone.


Natural quartz is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. Unlike granite, quartz does not form any rocks and naturally exists in clusters. It is not suitable for countertops and any other large flat panel applications.


Artificial quartz stone slab is made of natural quartz aggregate (94%) mixed with resin binder and other additives (6%), and then subjected to vacuum high frequency compression to be at (80-110° C).


The production process of mixing solid particles instead of molten fluid is more conducive to customizing various colors and textures, filling in the defects that other artificial stones cannot always be colored, and making the effect of imitation stone more realistic.


The taste of the original quartz ore, the cleaning method of the aggregate and the performance of the resin determine the production cost and product quality stability.


The water absorption rate of quartz stone is lower than that of glass ceramics, but high-quality quartz stone is also suitable for interior design, especially the interior walls and floors of kitchens and bathrooms as well as some commercial spaces.






Quality, Innovation and Service are our operation philosophy.


We have been focusing on artificial stone for commercial and residential building decoration for 20 years (China began to reform and open the market in 1978).


The market demand is unlimited. In order to provide our new and old customers with more convenient and more comprehensive comprehensive services, we decided to gradually add more products and services from 2019.


The expansion of common building and decorative materials, especially to meet the needs of customers who need comprehensive procurement in China.




Sintered Stone Slab


Swimming Pool Mosaic: Glass and Ceramic


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Customized Epoxy Table ( Epoxy Furniture )






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